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Founded: 2014

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Member SinceJul 02, 2021 Posts 1967


Jul 12, 2021 a 21:37
We invite you to share your experiences, so as to help other users make better and more well informed choices. Please add your review or any other information you would like to share about AstroFXC. Thank you.

Member SinceJun 06, 2022 Posts 2


Jun 06, 2022 a 02:32
The worst experience I've ever had. I'd been on the accelerated course with Astro for a year and a half and had only had contact when they needed additional money. Absolutely deceptive and falsely marketed "service"! Just bright things to get your interest, but it's total crap! Avoid!

Member SinceFeb 06, 2023 Posts 2


Feb 06, 2023 a 11:07
They are an embarrassing company, both in terms of content and the quality of its employees; do not purchase any content from them.

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