Apr 19, 2024 09:26

BlastOff Promotions

BlastOff is a novel Idle Yield launchpad and yield aggregator based on Blast. It maximises user yields through Blast Native Yield and YZone, as well as YIDOs for further profits by sponsoring new Blast initiatives. Unlike other blockchains, Blast's...


Apr 17, 2024 08:45

Solv Protocol Promotions

Solv Protocol is a native yield platform driven by decentralised asset management technology that aims to tokenize and aggregate high-quality yields from across the industry. It functions as a consolidated liquidity gateway, lowering the hurdles and...


Apr 16, 2024 09:32

Ultimate Digits Promotions

Ultimate Digits, a DePIN Layer-3 on Base, offers virtual Ethereum-based mobile numbers that transform into Web3 usernames for secure conversations, decentralised VOIP, and asset transfers. This uses the world's largest social network (mobile numbers)...


Apr 15, 2024 08:53

OKX Promotions

$10,000 Mystery Box Offer - Join OKX and receive a free mystery box worth up to $10,000 in crypto rewards. Get a second mystery box worth up to an additional $10,000 in crypto when you make a single deposit or crypto purchase of $50 or more.


Apr 12, 2024 09:28

Planet Mojo Promotions

Planet Mojo is an interoperable web3 gaming platform founded by veterans of LucasArts, EA, and Activision, and supported by Animoca Brands, Merit Circle, Spartan, and others. The goal is to build a sustainable and increasing game catalogue for the...


Apr 11, 2024 08:47

DeBridge Promotions

DeBridge is a generic communications and cross-chain interoperability protocol that allows for decentralised transfers of arbitrary data and assets between blockchains. The deBridge governance elects and employs a network of independent validators to...


Apr 10, 2024 09:44

Pac Finance Promotions

Pac Finance is the first self-paying lending and margin trading protocol based on Blast L2. It has dual automated compounding and one-click leverage. Pac Finance protocol is notable for its entire open-source nature. This openness allows for seamless...


Apr 09, 2024 07:54

OverTrip Promotions

OverTrip is a skill-based betting game. The project's major goal is to test and improve users' ability to predict game results and successfully manage resources. OverTrip is airdropping a total of 25,000,000 TRIP tokens for performing simple social...


Apr 08, 2024 09:15

Warden Protocol Promotions

Warden Protocol is a modular, intent-centric blockchain based on the sophisticated Cosmos-SDK. It's intended to change the way users interact with different blockchains by allowing for the generation and administration of key material, as well as its...


Apr 05, 2024 08:18

Orderly Network Promotions

The Orderly Network is a permissionless, decentralised trading protocol and modular ecosystem developed on top of NEAR. It presently uses an off-chain order book to provide a foundation for dApps to build on, including a risk engine, matching engine,...

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