Apr 19, 2024 03:03

What is advanced block candlesticks pattern in forex?

The Advanced Block Candlestick Pattern in Forex is a technical analysis formation that typically occurs within an uptrend, signalling potential weakness or reversal. It consists of three consecutive bearish candlesticks with small bodies and long...


Apr 18, 2024 08:30

What is Dragonfly Doji candle pattern?

A Dragonfly Doji is a significant candlestick pattern commonly used in technical analysis to interpret market trends and potential reversals. This candlestick pattern is formed when the opening, high, and closing prices of an asset are identical or...


Apr 18, 2024 07:25

How are pips used?

They are included in the market quote for a currency pair's exchange rate. Pips represent the change in the quote and value of a market position you may have taken. Assume you bought a currency pair for 1.1356 and sold it for 1.1360. Your trade...


Apr 18, 2024 07:22

What is the contract length of CFDs?

Because there is no set expiration date, the majority of CFD trades have an infinite duration. Only when a trade is reversed is it considered closed. As a result, the only way to close a buy trade on 100 silver CFDs is to sell them.


Apr 18, 2024 02:47

What is cross currencies?

Cross currencies refer to currency pairs that do not involve the US dollar (USD) as one of the currencies. In forex trading, the vast majority of transactions involve the USD as one of the currencies, making it the world's primary reserve currency....


Apr 17, 2024 11:53

What you can do every day to make more money?

Although trading is a difficult and sometimes unsuccessful task, profit-making can be achieved with the assistance of self-analysis and different indicators. There is a simple solution to all these difficulties if we are still unable to manage our...


Apr 17, 2024 11:49

What is the formula for calculating rollover interest?

Swap charges are primarily driven by interest rate differentials. A difference in interest rates between your base and quote currencies is another way to think about the difference in interest rates between your two currencies. It is natural that...


Apr 17, 2024 08:17

Which do you prefer? Forex or normal job?

I am asking this question for a particular reason and I want to know your opinion which one is better. Forex or a normal job? I have a job but now thinking of quite this job and want to start Forex trading. is forex enough for our everyday living. I...


Apr 17, 2024 02:41

How do traders adapt Fibonacci techniques to different financial instruments, such as stocks, forex, or cryptocurrencies?

Traders adopt Fibonacci techniques to various financial instruments like stocks, forex, and cryptocurrencies by applying the principles of Fibonacci retracements, extensions, and ratios to analyze price movements and identify potential support and...


Apr 16, 2024 12:24

What is Half Trend Indicator in forex?

The Half Trend Indicator is a popular tool used in forex trading to identify potential trend reversals and momentum shifts in the market. Developed by Mladen, this indicator aims to provide traders with clear signals to enter and exit trades based on...