Risk Reward Tool

How working Risk Reward Tool?

Our Risk-Reward Ratio Tool is designed to empower traders with a straightforward and efficient way to calculate and optimize their risk-reward ratios for every trade. Understanding and managing risk is paramount in trading, and this tool helps you make informed decisions. By understanding the potential risk and reward for each trade, you can strategically manage your portfolio and ultimately work towards improving your overall trading performance. Join us and utilize this tool to optimize your risk-reward ratios and elevate your trading journey in the forex market.

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Risk Reward Tool for MetaTrader 4/5

Take advantage of our Free Risk Reward Tool for MetaTrader 4/5 platforms. Best tool for Traders.

Fxmerge Risk Reward Tool is script for trade and risk management by the panel and lines visible on the chart. The panel allows to draw and move trade lines on the chart: open price, stop loss and take profit line (with chosen color and style). EA calculates for them Risk Reward Ratio and possible profit/loss in account currency (based on chosen position size). The lines can be adjusted to the current price (to open market orders) or can have fixed RR (chosen value) between SL and TP. Lines can be moved on the chart and set on any level which later might be the real level of opened trade. It is also possible to remove TP and remove all lines when they are not necessary. Only one set of line is possible to apply on one chart. When lines are applied on the chart, the panel allows to open trades on chosen level pending (if price is above/below current market price) or market (when price is on the current Ask/Bid price). Lot size for the opened trades is set by the buttons and edit windows (lots, risk and cash) on the panel. There are four options for lot calculation: fixed lot size, lot based on risk from account balance, lot based on risk from account equity or lot based on chosen cash amount. Option is chosen on the button and proper edit window on the panel is available to change it’s value according to user’s choice.

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