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May 23, 2022 a 12:41
Monero is a digital currency that is anonymous, safe, and private. This open-source crypto currency debuted in April 2014 and quickly gained popularity among cryptography professionals and hobbyists. Donations and community engagement are totally funding the construction of this currency. Monero was created with a heavy emphasis on decentralisation and scalability in mind, and it provides total anonymity using "ring signatures."
This method creates a collection of cryptographic signatures, each of which contains at least one genuine participant; however, the genuine participant cannot be distinguished from the others since they all appear legitimate. Monero has a bad reputation as a result of its improved security measures; it has been linked to numerous criminal groups all over the world. Monero's secrecy is a godsend for dissidents in repressive countries, as well as an excellent alternative for executing criminal transactions discreetly.

Website https://www.getmonero.org

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