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Oct 11, 2021 a 16:48
Trading is enjoyable when the trader owns the money he uses to trade. Trading is generally unpredictable. One cannot really predict or predict the outcome if it will be a big loss, a small loss, or a big win, a small win. Money that is used for trading is owned by the trader, so the trader may not feel the loss as much as when the money is borrowed, as in the case whereby the trader does not have a good source of income.

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Oct 13, 2021 a 13:18
This is something I completely disagree with. Taking a loan is a risk in itself, as you need to feel sure that you can repay it, and in truth you never know if something out of the blues will make you unable to handle repayments, no matter how much you plan. So if you take a loan to be able to trade, that risk is going to double. You do not know if you will make a profit or a loss even if you do your best to make careful decisions based on analysis.

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