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Feb 11, 2022 a 15:23
These are examples of power of attorney, which enable the principle to do his or her job even when they are not physically present. In order to avoid any harm, the donor must also revoke the donee's right. Despite the fact that revocation is usually feasible in a vast majority of circumstances, there are some exceptions to the rule. Following are some conditions the principal or agent should be aware of before accepting or granting a Power of Attorney.

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Feb 16, 2022 a 07:26
The concept of the power of attorney is of great importance in various fields, especially legal and financial ones. It is important to be cautious whom to grant the power of attorney to and there is a procedure to follow to have everything in order in this regard. Bear in mind that the person whom you grant this to will be able to make decisions if you are not present thus he or she needs to be trustworthy and a person whom you have absolute confidence in.

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