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The positive attitude
The mostly trader fail in this business because they have not good attitude. I think as a trader we have be careful when we start trading and have to be clear mind about the trading because the positive attitude and trading with the deep interest in the business. Then we will be able to make the profit in the business. I think many traders want to make money in the forex but not take the trading with serious attitude. Also we need good skills and can handle the pressure of the business.
A positive attitude is mental viewpoint of confidence and of anticipating that good things sould occur, Individuals who have this demeanor are simpler to coexist with, are glad, and they spread bliss around them. People with a positive state of mind do not dweel on the problems and difficulties of the past, and do not let them dictate thier life. Such people would rather learn from past mistakes and move on.
I believe that for best results it is important to have the right attitude - you cannot be too optimistic as you end up making quick decisions. It is important to be careful, take the time to consider the various factors and then make an analysis to base your decisions on it. You cannot allow emotions to take over your general mindset and attitude either.
Without a positive attitude, it's better not to get out of bed because the day is wasted. Open positions in the morning, set tp-sl levels and wait for profit or losses.

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