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Jul 27, 2021 a 14:29
Both technical and fundamental analysis are considered to be important forms of analyses for a forex trader. However some traders prefer one more than another. Yet again there are others who prefer to use them in conjunction with one another so as to avail of the benefits both of them have to offer. Fundamental analysis is often most effective if you want to identify long term trends while taking into account factors such as the GDP and economic conditions. Technical analysis on the other hand is more concerned with establishing entries in the market, and it include the use of indicators such as the relative strength index and MACD. Which method do you use, or do you use both of them in your analysis?

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Aug 01, 2021 a 10:26
Fundamental mostly useless if only you are an investor. For day traders only technical analysis needed and avoiding trading on some bug news. Thats it.

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Aug 04, 2021 a 07:54
Normally use moving averages for determining trend support and resistance levels and looking for an engulfing candlesticks patern

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