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Jan 12, 2022 a 04:02
A trader might think about the perfect way to get it all if he visits forex trading websites and feels that there might be a good chance of making money. The nature of forex business sectors and forex trading strategies must be understood. As a result, almost anyone can handle the risks of forex trading, make successful trades, and put themselves in a very good position when seeking new profits.

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Jan 14, 2022 a 13:38
I truly believe that it is all up to the individual to learn - there is no need to go to a course to learn, as while it may help what is most important is one's willingness to understand and research further. Hence what is most helpful includes looking up instructional videos, reading articles and forums, so as to get background knowledge. But at the end of the day practice is what is reallly needed, and this takes time, effort and consistency. You will end up learning from mistakes, hence the importance of moving cautiously with manageable amounts of investments.

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