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Nov 22, 2021 a 02:40
Silver has been a very volatile commodity in recent years, making it a very risky investment.
Aside from the factors that drive actual silver prices, contango and backwardation effects, which are unique to futures trading, also influence silver futures trading. A daily mark-to-market process is essential for real-world futures trading. This should be remembered by traders and sufficient capital allocated to it. Despite the fact that E-mini and micro silver futures contracts are offered with leverage, retail traders may have greater capital requirements. Silver futures trading should only be performed by experienced traders with relevant futures trading skills.

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Nov 23, 2021 a 07:19
Sometimes it seems that silver is not given as much importance as oil or gold. However it can offer various opportunities as you mentioned. However since it is considerably volatile in nature it is best to be careful as it could be a bit risky especially for beginners.

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