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Oct 08, 2021 a 05:23
On top of the list of top coins, we also see some old famous names from last season, such as EOS, IOTA, Litecoin, Waves, NEO, TRON... Many people say these are "zombie platforms" since they have no users nowadays. Several people mock them and say they will soon be replaced by newer, stronger, more user-friendly projects.

However, I still believe that each token has its own moment. Several old projects have been around for about 3-4 years, so the team has plenty of time to perfect the technology and create a product for the community. The new projects don't have a testnet/mainnet or MVP yet, and everything is still just a promise on paper... Also, their community is huge, and these tokens are absolutely worth pumping and dumping.

I still invest most of my assets in quality old projects like Ethereum, EOS, IOTA, NEO, and TRON. I still believe they have x100 potential in this bull run.

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