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Feb 11, 2022 a 15:27
A large number of different altcoins: One of the vital explanations for the achievement of the Binance exchange is due to the fact that they recognize such a large number of diverse digital currencies. There are more than 100 distinct digital currencies available at Binance. There are notable coins such as Ethereum (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC), as well as modest ones like CyberMiles (CMT) and ZCoin (XZC). There is a restriction of four coins on Coinbase, which offers more Bitcoins than any other trade platform!
Low Fees: While trading crypto-to-crypto, Binance charges are among the lowest in the business. Each exchange rewards shoppers with 0.1 percent, so if you sell 1 ETH, you will only pay 0.001 ETH! Stores are still secure, but withdrawals are cash only. However, most trades work in a similar way. Recovery charges vary according to the value of cryptographic money, and are exceptional. For example, you will pay 0.01 LTC in expenses for each Litecoin (LTC) you withdraw at the time of writing. As Litecoin's value rises, however, so will the withdrawal cost. This is on the grounds that the charge is evaluated at the cost of Litecoin, and the cost of USD (or your neighborhood cash) would not top that. There are no impediments on the size of stores you produce, anyway you should additionally approve your record in the event that you wish to pull out in excess of 2 BTC digital money size. By sending ID, for example, the visa, this might be cultivated.
Prizes: There is a motivating force for incessant brokers on the Binance stage to procure prizes. This prizes move constantly, and free cryptographic forms of money, for example, (WAVES) and Ontology (ONT), have been incorporated hitherto. They even parted with a Maserati truck! How incredible that is!

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Feb 16, 2022 a 07:33
I agree that Binance offers relatively low fees and there are also various prizes offered which surely motivates many to opt for it. There are also several altcoins which is something many prefer.

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