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Nov 24, 2021 a 10:42
VR mortgages are a modern and unique technology that simplifies the home buying process for future owners. VTB launched this service in Russia in December.

VR mortgages allow clients to close a deal and buy housing in another city without spending extra money on travel and viewings. Using virtual reality glasses, you can determine such characteristics of a real estate object as:

the location of the property;
the availability of parking and playgrounds;
the size and type of the yard;
distance from metro stations and other amenities;
the layout of the apartment;
the options for finishing the apartment.

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Nov 24, 2021 a 15:52
VR Mortgage is a new way for people to buy houses without having the money upfront. With VR Mortgage, you’ll be able to put your home up as collateral and pay off your mortgage with monthly installments that are more affordable than what you would pay if you paid cash.

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