Aug 10, 2022 02:43

What makes the pin bar so effective?

Before we discuss ideal pin bar placement, we must first understand why pin bars are so effective.


Aug 10, 2022 02:34

The factors that lead to the failure of the trader

It is common for traders to fail on the financial markets due to a variety of factors, so the trader must recognize the most important ones in order to avoid making the same mistakes as many novice traders do. One of the most common mistakes traders...


Aug 09, 2022 12:21

What is zero crosses strategy?

Any EMA crossing the zero line triggers the zero-cross strategy. If the MACD crosses the zero line from below, a new upswing is likely; if it crosses from above, a recent drop is likely. Because this is the slowest of the three signals, traders will...


Aug 09, 2022 12:18

Do fractal trading work in forex?

The simple answer is that fractal trading works, but only when used in conjunction with a trading strategy. A trader will benefit more from combining fractals with a trend-following or breakout trading strategy. Combining fractals with technical...


Aug 09, 2022 12:16

Swing trading on margin

Swing traders must use margin or leverage on most trading platforms. It simply means that a portion of the total trade value is required to open a position and gain access to financial markets. Margin requirements can differ from platform to platform...


Aug 09, 2022 02:39

What is rollover rate in forex?

In forex, the rollover rate is the net interest return on a trader's overnight currency position. To put it another way, when trading currencies, an investor borrows one currency to buy another. The interest paid or collected for keeping the...


Aug 09, 2022 02:18

What Is the forex commission?

Brokers act as agents for investors who trade stocks, futures, or options. Brokers attempt to execute customer orders on exchanges according to their instructions. For providing this service, the broker is paid a commission when the customer buys or...


Aug 09, 2022 02:16

Can we use a forex card in an ATM?

It depends on which debit networks your bank participates in and which debit networks the ATM you're using supports. In most cases, debit cards are affiliated with one of two worldwide debit networks: Visa or Mastercard. In the case of a Mastercard,...


Aug 08, 2022 12:24

How the RSI behaves when the bottoms form?

The RSI is a momentum oscillator indicator that is commonly used to detect overbought and oversold conditions. Welles Wilder, who created the indicator in 1978, believed that looking for divergences to help identify potential changes in trend was the...


Aug 08, 2022 12:19

Two timeless rules in forex investing

RULE #1) Get rid of your losers and let your winners ride.