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Założona: 1996

Ocena: 3.5

Suma głosów: 11

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RejestracjaLipiec 02, 2021 Wiadomości 1978


02 lipca 2021 o 15:00
We invite you to share your experiences, so as to help other users make better and more well informed choices. Please add your review or any other information you would like to share about Oanda Web. Thank you.

RejestracjaGrudnia 01, 2021 Wiadomości 3


Dec 01, 2021 at 11:00
I recently opened an account with OANDA , and I found them to be very helpful and reasonable, and their fees are pretty standard. I would definitely recommend them.

RejestracjaGrudnia 15, 2021 Wiadomości 1


Dec 15, 2021 at 09:08
OANDA does not require a minimum deposit for customers to open a "standard" account; however, logic dictates that this amount is subject to margin requirements based on the smallest trade size that the customer wishes to execute.

RejestracjaKwiecień 29, 2022 Wiadomości 2


29 kwietnia 2022 o 07:30
Bad customer and company, take a very long time to resolve an issue, even when you lose money, do not care.

Rejestracja09 maja 2022 r. Wiadomości 2


Maj 09, 2022 na 18: 13
Is it possible to access the demo online? If so, please send it to me.

RejestracjaSierpnia 19, 2022 Wiadomości 2

w Zimie

19 sierpnia 2022 o 16:01
Onada is a trusted global brand. It has a strong regulatory track record, and its support for third-party features enhances its overall offering.

RejestracjaLipiec 24, 2023 Wiadomości 2


24 lipca 2023 o 06:07
Oanda is a decent trading platform with a user-friendly interface and a good range of technical analysis tools. However, there is room for improvement in terms of platform speed, educational resources, and customer support. If these areas are addressed, it has the potential to be an even better platform for traders of all levels.

RejestracjaPaździernik 23, 2023 Wiadomości 1


23 paź 2023 o godzinie 07:52
Oanda is a reliable and user-friendly forex platform with a wide range of features and tools for traders of all levels of experience. The platform is available on desktop, web, and mobile devices, making it easy to trade from anywhere in the world.

RejestracjaKwiecień 08, 2024 Wiadomości 2


08 kwietnia 2024 o 06:28
Professional and well organised forex platform. It is highly recommended!

Rejestracja31 maja 2024 r. Wiadomości 1


Maj 31, 2024 na 13: 28
OANDA’s web trading platform is serviceable but lacks innovation and standout features. Fundamental analysis enthusiasts may find it useful.

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